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Instead, Guest gets sidetracked by his obsession with the two levels of fame—his minor, hers major—and gets hobbled by the creeping realization that while he started this project with Sherman’s consent, he ended it without.

It all begins to feel tawdry, especially since Paul H-O never seems to realize that even though he wants everyone to know who he is, he’s never given a good reason why we should.

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Guest Of Cindy Sherman documents the couple’s decade-long romance, much of which happened under the eye of Paul H-O’s video camera.

As stated upfront, it’s a documentary about a wannabe celebrity and the internationally famous artist who almost makes his dreams come true. Really, two different documentaries could’ve been made here.

In 1996, New York's Museum of Modern Art paid $1m for the complete series.

She followed it up a year later with "Centrefolds", commissioned for Artforum magazine.

I was surprised when I was blowing them up on computer by how much empathy I had for them. I suddenly started to feel sorry for them."Their issues, she says, are also hers.