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Le Ann met Terry on a dating website and says he told her he was a petroleum engineer from Houston, Texas, and was living in Alaska. She says every time she and Terry have tried to meet, a new problem comes up. “What did you say to yourself about the fact that nobody knew about this pirate attack?

Once, he even told her he had been kidnapped by pirates. ” “It kind of makes me angry in a way,” Le Ann responds.

Additionally, Max claims to be in the Army, but the uniform in one of the pictures he sent Sandie is actually from the Marines.

Scott Madsen, president of Peteski Productions and a former Air Force captain, explains that someone in the Army would not wear a uniform from the Marines, and vice versa, as a matter of pride. Phil tells Sandie that private investigator Brad Alan was unable to find a record of a Max Moose Advisor — or anyone with the last name “Advisor” — ever existing in the United States.

Devon, Lauren, Bobbi and Kelly say they fell for the same man and spent months establishing an online relationship — one that never culminated in a face-to-face meeting. The women say Shaun had plenty of dramatic excuses for why he couldn’t meet them: car accidents, surgery, migraines, a brain tumor, chemotherapy, his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy and emergency room visits. , he talks about the people you need to be aware of, called BAITERs — people who are backstabbers, abusers, imposters, takers, exploiters and reckless.