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So, they proposed me another one, "Crystal", which absolutely didn't meet my expectations.

Not to mention that the photos on the site are not correct, they Show another Apartment.

They will send you letters about nothing writing about little life events etc..will never answer your questions or finish a conversation. "You're reading this letter, which hasn't written by this beautiful woman on the photo! I am a translator and I work in marriage agency of M-Brides in Ukraine. So many beautiful and friendly wemon very different from here. The wemon here have total appreciation on honesty ,integrity and compromising .

One of the contacts I had on Chaturbate website bought appeared on my Viber. She was angry and denied she knew me, obviously most girl's identities are stolen or fake and used by the women chatting on Dream-Marriage website. THE LADIES ON SITE HAVE BEEN BEAUTIFUL TO INTERACT WITH . They love that I cook and clean with no questions asked.

THEY WRITE WELL AND PRESENT THEMSELVES BEAUTIFULLY.. There are so many I would love to meet but can't spend 24hrs a day talking . I've really enjoyed my years of membership experience on Dream Marriage.