Eight motives for dating

Sherri Murphy, CEO and Founder of Elite Connections, has been a successful matchmaker for over 20 years setting up couples of all age ranges and has noticed that, “if one person has a ‘real job’ and the other person doesn’t, it can be awkward.” When it comes to income, some in their 20s with ‘real jobs’ are making high five and even six figure salaries while others are on the lower end of the five figure scale.

Murphy continues that those making more money than their partner may “feel like they are being held back from doing things that their partner can’t afford to do,” while those making less money may “feel dependent or inferior.” It is important to discuss this with your partner as money can be a big issue for most people.3.

This is more true for those in their 20s than probably for any other age group." data-reactid="19"We think social media should be good for our social lives and, for that matter, dating lives — but is it really?

People can find out more information through social channels (i.e.

Alone time (in and out of the bedroom) can be quite challenging.7.