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A great, unique first date destination might be a paintball field or lazer tag arena.

Sure, it’ll be fun to enjoy a little healthy competition…but even more enticing are the secluded corners and dark woods where you might have the opportunity to have your first kiss.

If your date is a little intimidated by the physical coordination it takes to master these sports, you could try something that involves less athletic prowess.


For example, couple Mary and Trevor Dodge have been married seven years, and keep things fresh and exciting by racing sailboats.

“” Great sports to try out on your first date include snowboarding, alpine skiing, scuba diving, or water-skiing.

Virtual dating makes a lot of sense for people who met online, but even people who met face to face can have a great time on a virtual date.

Even the experts say that video games and other virtual experiences can make for a solid first date.

It works in the movies, but not really in this one, as the laughs are forced, and the plot lays dormant without much interest or inspiration.

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