Horsey and carl sex

The bad news is that vile Hilltop leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley) wants Maggie and Sasha gone before they’re discovered by the Saviors, something the women and their ally, Jesus (Tom Payne), are having none of.

Maggie and Sasha’s value to the residents of Hilltop comes into sharp focus when the Saviors attack the colony to make an example of its weakness, using a car with a blaring stereo to lure the undead through the opened gates.

When Sasha is unable to break into the vehicle – an AMC Gremlin, surely a wink to The Walking Dead’s network – to stop the music, the resourceful Maggie silences the noise by running the car over with a massive tractor.

She’s like the Ellen Ripley of the zombie apocalypse.

No wonder Enid is down for some smoochin’ later on in the episode. Even the episode’s big zombie battle was kind of muddled and meh.