Intimidating soccer chants

The fans of the island nation had much to cheer during last night's group F game, their first ever appearance at the tournament.

During the fourth quarter of Thursday night's NFL season opener, New England Patriots fans taunted Roger Goodell with a hilarious "Where is Roger? Goodell decided not to show up to the opener after fighting all summer to defend his suspension of Tom Brady for the Deflategate scandal.

The legal battle ended with a federal judge ruling to put the star quarterback into the game — and the fans at Gillette Stadium were sure to tell Goodell, and everyone watching on TV, that they stood on Brady’s side.

Approximately 30,000 Iceland fans have travelled to Euro 2016, meaning a tenth of the population of Iceland are in attendance in France to witness the historic moment in their nation's footballing history.

When you go to a sporting event, you're bound to hear at least one chant.

Atlanta United are a new expansion team in the MLS this season, and Ireland's Chris Mc Cann will have our attention when the new season kicks off soon, but the club is taking a bit of a pasting on social media after their fans sent a message to the rest of the league. NYCFC were laughed at for handing out a sheet with the words to the songs (some really, really bad songs) ahead of their debut season, and the same fate has befallen Atlanta United after this clip went viral.

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