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This bondage further results in a continuous co-habitation of the soul with the body.Thus, an embodied non-liberated soul is found in four realms of existence—heavens, hells, humans and animal world – in a never-ending cycle of births and deaths also known as samsāra.

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Infinite knowledge, perception and bliss are the intrinsic qualities of a soul.

These qualities are fully enjoyed unhindered by liberated souls, but obscured by karma in the case of non-liberated souls resulting in karmic bondage.

Jain texts have classified the various types of karma according to their effects on the potency of the soul.

The Jain theory seeks to explain the karmic process by specifying the various causes of karmic influx (āsrava) and bondage (bandha), placing equal emphasis on deeds themselves, and the intentions behind those deeds.

If god created the world, where was he before the creation?