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It’s a very spontaneous thing, the way I experience it, I am careful not to add filters. It happens quite often, when I work on a riff at home, I then bring it to the band and as we play it, a “mistake” happens, outside of our usual patterns, which will then create an interesting tension, that grabs our attention. We take time to live it through, spontaneously, to then reflect on it, craft it, turn it into something more. L.: When this happens, we usually will all hear it, it gets to us. That’s what life is; falling in love with love; believing in love brings a lot of suffering, envy, jealousy.


All of our hot dogs are made exclusively from 100% USDA domestic beef-- we don’t use cattle from outside our borders.

Nor do we allow fillers, artificial colors, or artificial flavorings in any of our products.

Full brand marketing for Canadian Honker Restaurant and Canadian Honker Catering were repositioned and refreshed, aligned with the launch of Canadian Honker Events at the Ramada.

Next, brand marketing for Rochester International Event Center was refreshed aligned with the launch of Pinnacle Catering and Top Tier Delights, as well as the launch of the umbrella identity of Powers Ventures.

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