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Remains of small fortified tower, dating from the late 15th century.

Scotland is world famous for its castles, not just because so many are immaculately preserved but also because many are set against some of the most breathtaking scenery in Britain.

From Muness, the most northerly castle in the United Kingdom on the Shetland Islands, to Edinburgh Castle with its fabulous Scottish Crown Jewels, we've scoured the country to bring you one of the most complete lists of castles in Scotland on the internet.

The new royal residence was completed in 1856, and the old castle was demolished.

The couple spent many weeks each year relaxing at their new home in Highlands, and after Albert's death, Victoria spent up to 4 months each year at Balmoral.

Remains of 12th century Norse castle, possibly built by the great Earl Harald Maddadson, half-Orcadian and half-Scottish, who was at that time the sole earl of Orkney and Caithness.