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Here are some of the highlights from's Dating Championships survey: U. singles win the gold for going on the most dates, with 76% reporting they have gone on two or more dates in the last year, followed by Canada (70%) and the U. Aussies are the most likely to kiss on the first date, while the French take their time: 39% of Australian singles are willing to kiss on the first date, while 45% of Brits wait until at least the second date before locking lips. singles were the most likely to tell their friends everything that happened on a date — with 92% admitting they would share at least some details with their pals. Overall, a vast majority of women across the globe reported picking up the bill occasionally, but the responses also indicated that the number of times these single ladies were willing to foot the bill varied wildly by country: Australia wins for most PDA-friendly nation: Examining singles' tolerance of public displays of affection, the survey showed that a majority of singles in all six countries felt that tasteful PDA (such as hand-holding) was tolerable.A majority of French singles prefer to wait until they're in an exclusive relationship before having their first kiss (52%). The French prefer to keep post-date details private, while U. singles bare it all: France wins the gold for being the least likely to kiss and tell, with 35% of respondents not sharing details of their dates with their friends, closely followed by Japan at 30%. Aussie singles were the most open to exploring higher levels of PDA, with 22% of those surveyed saying the more affection, the better! Japanese singles were top believers in the phenomenon, with 82% affirming its existence vs. K, where a lesser 58% (though still a majority) of singles shared this belief.

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To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click: (Photo: The results revealed some stark cultural differences between singles on topics such as paying for the first date and who is most likely to move in with a partner first.

Some countries, despite being oceans apart, were remarkably aligned in their beliefs and attitudes on dating.

Then she found that there was no way for her to pay outside U. Needless to say we were becoming extremely frustrated with the whole situation so we called their customer service number again. The only thing we can do is to call their customer service so we did ,and received the same answer.

Com another try, hoping that the first two attempts were just bad luck.

I immediately concluded that match is run by unethical scum and that I didn't want to trust them or their site nor give them any of my money. I met some high-quality women on, it just took a little while to get some traction on there. I have a few friends that did the thing with a lot of luck (one of my gf's is even marrying a guy she met using eharmony). I see lots of guys on there from other countries..I've even chatted (via email) with a couple of them, as I could not understand why they were looking at my profile from so far away.