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When snooping through her underwear drawers while feeling her bras and sniffing her panties, an unexpected surprise, he found the video marked 40th Birthday, Pool Party.

Filled with as much sexual anticipation then as he still is now, just holding the video in his horny hand hardened his cock. With his mother celebrating her 40th birthday four years ago when he was away at college, he never knew this video even existed.

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Hoping that she didn't hide the DVD in a different spot, not only did he hope that the video was still there at the bottom of her underwear drawer but also he hoped the video was X-rated instead of G rated.

As advertised, he hoped the video was what was written on the front and not some other home movie or a trick that she was playing on him.

With her having cut way back on her drinking, perhaps her 40th birthday was her last hurrah before middle age which would explain why she's been so bitchy lately.

He just hoped she celebrated her birthday topless and/or naked.

Pretending he didn't know the video was there, not disturbing it while hoping that she'd leave it undisturbed, seemingly forgotten, and unattended, he left the video beneath her panties while waiting for his mother to return to work on Monday after her vacation.

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