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Anything to do with posting classified ads on CL and BP? OK, actually I recommend starting two sites: one that will be the niche dating site and one that covers any and all dating sites.

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    Tucker "But be honest--would you ever eat out one guys ass and then come kiss me the same day? My friends were doing well with this one group of girls and looked to be on the way to hook-up victory...until I decided that I wanted to hear the sound of breaking glass, and we all got kicked out. When we got there, I was so drunk the bouncer almost didn't let me in. You know it's been a really hard night when you wake up dehydrated, drunk and dizzy and don't know where you are and have no memory of how you got there.

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    So far hundreds of single Londoners have taken part in events such as wine tasting, dinners and dancing, classes in cooking and photography, and relaxed drinks in London’s bars on nights.

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    Basic textbooks on archaeological method and theory relate that there are two methods of establishing chronology: 1) methods of relative dating (ascertaining the correct order of the events) and 2) absolute or chronometric dating (quantifying the measurement of time in terms of years or other fixed units).

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    The first 1,000 singles to join get a free lifetime subscription (the site launched on Aug.