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Furthermore, the anonymity that Internet dating offers may enable individuals to effectively lie about themselves, and exaggerate specific characteristics they would like to possess or may have the potential to possess in the future (Mantovani, 1995; Riva & Galimberti, 1997) (Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005).

In order to better understand human perception and Internet dating, it might also be necessary to understand the components of identity, because each of these components factor into how individuals present themselves.

In fact, several dating services encourage participants to "'update' their profiles to reflect personal changes that have occurred since they first posted their profiles" (Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005, p739).

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The technology of using a computer to bring humans together was promoted as "scientific" and the use of the computer for this purpose rapidly gained popularity in the United States and Germany (Hardey, 2002, p571).

The rapid expansion of single person households, especially among professional classes who are most likely to have Internet access in their homes, provides a context for this phenomenon.

Moreover, Wurf and Markus (1991) predicted that the re-construction of identity "involves a multi-step process of development, validation, and redevelopment" (cited in Yurchisin, Watchravesringkan, & Mc Cable, 2005, p738).

The context of Internet dating offers individuals opportunities to explore their possible selves online and offline and at the same time; Internet dating allows individuals to use a combination of online and offline behavior and feedback to re-create their identities.

The use of these profiles theoretically allows individuals to explore and re-create their personal identities.