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I've had it 25 years, and my father had it since the early 60's.

During the 50 years its been in our family, it has never fired a shot.

This probably sparked Parkers interest in the firearms industry.

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The back action went into production in 1868 and the front action in 1870. Another improvement was made by Wilbur Parker in the lifter action in 1874 and again in 1875.

In 1875, a new design for the main barrel/receiver hinge joint called the pintle joint was implemented, as well as the final improvement of the lifter mechanism.

Shotguns, was an American firm almost exclusively producing shotguns from 1867-1942.

During these years, approximately 242,000 guns were produced in various grades, and are widely considered the finest and most collectible American shotgun.

During the Civil War, Parker was not only a stockholder, but the superintendent of the Parker, Snow, Brooks and Company.