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However, as they get older both males and females begin to seek people who are increasingly younger than themselves. When I read a woman's ad and she starts with a list of, "you better not..." I skip it.

In addition to seeking females over a wider age range, males also tended to be less choosy in specifying the type of person they were looking for. Also, lengthy ads tend to have a lot of filler, such as: maudlin sayings, chicken soup platitudes, etc.

People with low scores on attachment style anxiety and avoidance are securely attached meaning they don’t fear intimacy or being rejected, whereas those higher on these dimensions have more difficulty in establishing close relationships.

Those scoring high on trust and low on caution are less concerned about interacting with others in uncertain environments, whereas those scoring low on trust and high on caution prefer stable relationships compared to new ones.

We are all familiar with the ways in which people typically describe themselves in their online dating profiles and the list of features they are seeking from a potential date.

However, research suggests that we may be able to "read between the lines"and tell more about someone from reading their profile, over and above what the profile actually says.

They expressed their preferences based on an average of 9.1 characteristics whereas females expressed a preference based on 11.9 characteristics and this difference was similar across all ages.