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The mu opioid receptor (OPRM1) polymorphism A118G (rs1799971) and the serotonin receptor (HTR2A) polymorphism −1438 A/G (rs6311) were studied because they have been implicated in social affiliation.

racial preferences in dating in may 2016-63

The optimal level of women's perceived intelligence can be found, and it depends on perceived female physical attractiveness.

This optimal value rises with perceived female physical attractiveness.

The only group that responds regularly to Black men and women are one another.

While White men are well-received when they contact daters of other groups, Black daters, particularly Black women, are largely confined to a segregated dating market.” The results also showed that a higher level of education did not change White daters’ preferences for other Whites.

However, the application of an intersectionality perspective in this area of research has been somewhat inconsistent.

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