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We have compiled all the information and pictures you need to see about Sonko and Shebesh affair from around the web in this single post.

The following are the details of Sonko and Shebesh saga.

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Rumoured has it that when the list was about to be made public various politicians who have danced their way into Shebesh’s core “stronghold” were in panic, in the end majority of those in the list were from TNA- hopefully nobody will complain of having been rigged out other the current honey harvester- a first time MP from Nandi whose name was left out! The Controversial Nairobi Women representative Rachael Shebesh is yet again on the spotlight, this time, with career-threatening leaked photos of her doing bad things with a pot bellied man who cannot, by any chance, be her husband.

Photos allegedly leaked from her phone shows her in ugly positions doing the most beautiful thing in private BUT considered very ugly in public.

Shebesh, who looks visibly upset with her actions – seems sad – can be clearly seen [email protected]#$JO$ING a pot bellied overfed man; probably a tax evasive Mpig!

The photos which were first exposed by Fix Soshe, an anonymous Facebook account, but has since gone viral on social media, shows how the Nairobi Women Rep does the private thing, sadly, it is now public and society is set to make its decision. But this photos are not the first time Shebesh’s sexual life becomes a matter of public conjecture, earlier, the woman has been accused to have slept with a number of men, including her own …. Below is the list of who-is-who on Shebesh’s pussy list: NOT IN THIS PLATFORM!

A Nairobi county assembly member, who appears to know the goings-on between the two told The Nairobian that it is rare for the senator and the women’s representative not to talk.

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