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A good response would be not to pay these establishments our custom, however due to lack of entertainment, our need to socialise and our love for branded products this would never work.

All the best to the would be mall goers for facing humiliation day in day out for being born a male.

White vs Black, majority vs minority, upper caste vs lower caste, Sunni vs Shiite, Jews vs Arabs, rich vs poor etc. Shopping Malls, Public Parks, Cafes and even Public Transport.

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For example, here in USA, if you are male between the ages of 16-25, your auto insurance rates would be significantly higher than other age groups.

You pay more because you are in a geographical category which has been shown to be involved in accidents lot higher than others.

This article has merit, but there is no discussion about the sorry state of our value system, specially towards women. Young boys and men often imagine they are movie stars in the presense of females.

I remember it gotten so bad that families stop going out without full prepration to fight. A father with his daughters find himself helpless against aggressive behaviour of young men. @Aijaz Ansari Will have a female accompanying you in any way prevent this behavior?

Anyone can make a public place out of bound for you by placing a barrier or a chain by the name of security.