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The dakini appears in a Vajrayana formulation of the Three Jewels' Buddhist refuge formula, known as the Three Roots.

Most commonly she appears as the dharmapala, alongside a guru and yidam.

As a religious and philosophical symbol, the ever-ravenous ouroboros is remarkably prevalent, appearing in Egypt, India, and Scandinavia.

Reading through the many religious texts in this issue of , the universal impulse to look closer, deeper, further, comes through powerfully—whether in Kanya Kanchana’s experimental yoga sutras, Paal-Helge Haugen’s interpolation of Martin Luther’s catechism, or the story of St. Faith, it appears, comes in many forms; one character in Olga Tokarczuk’s suggesting we replace the bibles in hotel rooms with books by Cioran.

This eternal return is borne out by our experimental translation feature (beautifully curated by our Poetry Editor, Aditi Machado), in which originals are chewed up only to miraculously transmute anew, inspirited by their originals.

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