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After a month of lots of emails, Angie convinced me to consider that maybe there was more than just emotional intimacy for a friendship.

So I reconsidered my original stance on the possibility of a long distance relationship. We stayed in our little cabin listening to the rain, talking, caressing each other, and relaxing into our relationship, no phones, no TV, nothing, just us. I remember writing a song during one of the days about how much of a gift it was.

Over that period of time I've had 3 partners (not including Eric) and they were all long term and enriching and important.

None of them were meant to be the ones to completely commit to, however.

In addition to the Greater Grants Pass Rotary, the Ashland Lithia Springs, Central Point and the Medford After 5 Rotary clubs are participating as part of the Rotarians Against Child Slavery initiative.