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They described the song "Noche Y Dia" as one of the most powerful and potent Latin anthems ever. The album received a gold certification within the second week of its release in Mexico.

Culture Fix took note of the album's range of styles stating "The club-friendly tracks are slickly produced and filled with a high-octane energy, the ballads are complete with a raw charisma and emotion, and the mid-tempo tracks hark back to some of the singer's best work," scoring the album 4/5. 8 on US Billboard 200, selling 24,000 copies in its first week. The album also entered the top 10 of the Canadian Albums Chart. 1 on the Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums charts simultaneously. 11 on the UK Albums Chart, selling an approximate of 7,500 copies in first week. Sex and Love was certified double platinum by the RIAA in the Latin field for shipping over 120,000 copies; furthermore has sold 174,000 copies since its release in March in United States.

"People Are Still Having Sex" is a song written and recorded by American musician La Tour. The song features a monologue expounding the narrator's observations that "people everywhere" are "still having sex;" no matter how authority figures such as parents and counselors try, and despite the risk posed by AIDS, "nothing seems to stop them." In the album edit of the song, the lyrics were originally written as "This AIDS thing's not working".

It was released in April 1991 as the first single from his self-titled debut album La Tour (1991). It was changed to "This safe thing's not working" for radio airplay.

All Music also gave the album 3/5, stating "Iglesias walks the line between the dancefloor jams of 2007's Insomniac and the romantic flavor of 2010's Euphoria." They chose "Bailando", "El Perdedor", "Let Me Be Your Lover" and "Loco" as the best songs from the album.s "older cousin".

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