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I can go up to David Beckham and ask if he wants to get in a threesome with my friend because I don't really give a shit if he rejects my offer.”Layla, 31, Graphic Designer“When I was in a relationship that was dwindling and I knew he was getting action elsewhere, I felt ZERO guilt having some fun experimenting with other guys and girls. Even salt looks like sugar."Lily, 27, Marketing Coordinator“I was in denial about being in a relationship with a guy I didn't actually like at a time when I wasn't really ready to be in a relationship. When it all boiled down, my actions were a result of feeling neglected and unwanted.

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The NHS has a website page dedicated to sex addiction.

“It could involve sex with a partner, but it may also mean activities such as viewing pornography, masturbation, visiting prostitutes or using sex chat lines,” it explains, claiming that while for most people such habits don’t cause problems, sex addicts are unable to control these urges and actions.

I found out that my boyfriend of three years had developed a sexual and emotional relationship with another woman, and was understandably devastated.

After some time I decided to ‘take him back,’ but the trust was never there again as I eventually started casually hooking up with other guys behind his back.

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