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It was the solution that kept my baby happy, engaged and giggling, and allowed us to bond while my body thrived. I wanted to feel sexy and confident in my own skin.Take a look at these pictures of me in my early twenties with an extra 65 pounds! Who would have guessed that this same woman would be turning so many heads just a few months later!

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Remember that in order to be a Hot Mommy and ultimately have a Happy Baby, it's very important not to let [insert your name here] be forgotten. Making the right food choices actually prevents premature aging!

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I hated not bonding with my baby during the evenings while I was away. I was at home, attempting to do some sit-ups and had placed my baby in his baby bouncer.

I lay next to him, determinedly trying to get through a workout sequence before he became fussy.

I remember feeling my tummy rest against my lap every time I sat down for months post birth. After all, I was that naive girl who brought her pre-pregnancy jeans into the hospital with her to wear home.