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If I become old and lonely though, I'm hitting e Harmony up." -- "Tinder and Hot or Not are probably the top contenders.

I actually know a girl who met up with a guy she met on Tinder, and she started getting feelings and they dated, but it turned out he was seeing, like, three girls at once." -- "It's a pretty well-known fact among this generation that if a guy asks you to come over for 'Netflix & chill,' you might watch something for say, 10 minutes before someone tries making a move. If it really were what it sounds like (perhaps watching the entire Season 5 of "It started off [like the] type of date where the girl would go to the guy's house and they would watch Netflix together.

Netflix and chill can still be a date, it's just that it has got the reputation of always ending in sexual affairs." -- "'Netflix and chill' is essentially two people getting together to bang, or at least exchange some kind of sexual favors.

There's this kinda uneasiness when it comes to straight-up sexting, so instead of being a weirdo and adding a 'lol' or an 'aha' to the end of a flirty text to make it seem less pervy...

But gently, not like, 'I can't stand you anymore and you always smell like beef jerky so we're breaking up.' However, don't show up weirdly happy and overly nice, either, like you're secretly a serial killer." -- , but the beautiful Emma Watson.