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So I’m talking to my eldest nephew, and we get on the subject of cell phones.I take his cell phone and look through it; I just wanted to be nosey and see how many numbers he had of girls in his phone and tease him.The scene was when Flipper Purify (Wesley Snipes) and his wife Drew Purify (Lonette Mc Kee) were arguing in Bloomingdale’s where the wife worked, and she says, “Well I guess I wasn’t light enough for you!

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The myth about the “magic fluids” or “immediate reaction” to the object of passion tells us that love can be true only if the strikes like thunderbolt during the first meeting. And then becomes difficult to recognize the true love, quietly grown beside. When the youth heard this myth, he begins to dream about stunning moment when, just look into the eyes of the girl, he immediately without doubts will understand: here she is, my intended for the rest of life!

Even if they do not admit aloud, secretly believing in “love at first sight”, this struck in the first five minutes of dating.

” I exercise, I’ve never yelled at them…if anything, I’ve spoiled them, and so have both of their grandmothers.

One of the main reasons why I do what I do is so that I can be a representation to them of not just a Black woman, but a woman period.

I’ve always wanted to represent a productive member of society, and I want them to do better than me.