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The first step is to be a fun, social person and meet as many people as possible. In addition, if you want a man to see long-term stability with you, you must demonstrate long-term stability in your own life.The more men you meet, the better the chances of one of them being the one you hit it off with. This means that you have long-term goals set for yourself,that you have healthy habits, that you’re disciplined and organized, and that your life is in some sort of order.

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Sign up for's "Sale Mail." They'll e-mail you when brands you've chosen have gone on sale in your size and in your area. Once I accepted that women were "crazy" (many older guys had insisted they were for years), it seemed to take a huge load of pressure off me.

No longer was I trying to rationalize moves that women made that got me into crazy analysis cycles.

So how do you spot the guys who aren’t interested in serious relationships while increasing your odds of meeting the man who actually is relationship material? Another bonus here is that when you are seen as relationship material, men will be less likely to expect casual flings with you and thus less likely to pursue them. You must build characteristics and skills for yourself that create both types of attraction within a man.

And how do you hit things off in the early stages of the relationship while progressing into something more long-term? Show him that you’re a fun, interesting person while demonstrating that you’re good for him in the long run.

Alcohol should be introduced into the relationship slowly, but if a drink or two takes the edge off, and wine adds romance it's fine. But the one thing that should never happen is excessive application: too much, too many colors, or if it's just a botched attempt at a good makeup technique.

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    But he has five strategies for limiting its control over him: “I used to wake up tired.

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