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This was the first version to offer free Ship It services which allows users to order free CDs.

It shipped with early versions of GAIM, GIMP, GNOME, Open Office and Firefox.

Based on Debian, Ubuntu is known to be a very secure and stable Linux platform which is evolving day by day with two major releases each year.

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There were 7 sessions a day over a 6 day period, with a wide range of topics being discussed.

From the welcome to the closing feedback session, informed presenters gave us a look at everything "Ubuntu." It's a big task to find a good mix of talks that would be interesting to a community of people who pride themselves on being up to date, as well as newcomers.

To summarise the next few months, the dev team expects to be able to produce the first milestone in mid-June, to cease automatic syncs from Debian near the end of June, and to enter feature freeze near the end of August.

It is not recommend that users upgrade to Intrepid at this time; there will likely be considerable flux until the initial round of merges is complete.

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 89 for the weeks April 27th - May 3rd, 2008.