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As views are pushed onto the nav controller I'm attempting to change the Navigation Bar title.The problem seems to be that the text can only be updated in I've set up a simple project where initial controller is embedded in navigation controller, and the second controller is pushed onto the navigation stack.Then discover how to use Explorer to upload, download, print, and email multiple documents at once.

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Updating navigation bar

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And that wouldn’t be a major problem, except I’m planning to give my list a background color later that I want to show up behind my list items, and if my list collapses, that won’t happen.

That’s also why I’m giving my list a width of 100%: That way, it’ll fill up the entire width of the page (or of its container, if it’s in a container with a width set).

I’m also removing most of the margins and padding to make the list behave itself (I’m leaving some margin on the bottom, simply for aesthetic purposes), and setting the list-style to “none,” which removes the bullets from my list.