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Then, they completely rebuilt and refinished each one. These pieces were meticulously restored by Stanley craftspeople in their studios — much like vintage Ferraris are meticulously restored at the factory back in Italy. You're really, really, REALLY into Pinterest trends Yes, trends in furniture finishes come — and then they go.

In some cases, the furniture was re-stained just as it had been in the 1960s. Reflecting the quality of craftsmanship, the Stanley pieces were sold — in a snap — for thousands of dollar each. Take care with the DIY mania or beware, it may look like Pinterest threw up in your living room.

Not only would painting erase its value, but yes, put me the camp that believes it would be heartbreaking to destroy the aged authenticity of a truly rare piece of furniture. That said, I think there are very strong reasons to stick with the original wood finish.

First, even lesser-treasures have underlying value that may increase — but only if the wood finish is left in place.

There are and always will be aficionados who will pay a premium for un-remuddled antiques. And of course, the wood itself can be really gorgeous.