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We simply do not have the necessary resources to continue developing two distinct repository back-ends.Instead, we will concentrate our efforts on improving FSFS with new features, robustness and performance and architectural enhancements.needs to be increased from 100 (the default) to at least 1000 (there is no reason why it could not be 10000).

updating svn-34

Skelta mode was introduced in Subversion 1.6.0 and improved in 1.8.0.

It uses one HTTP request and response per resource that needs to be fetched from the server, whereas bulk update mode fetches all resources in one massive response.

It also allows a more detailed audit of clients accessing resources in a Subversion repository.

Skelta mode has some disadvantages: the repository back-end based on Berkeley DB.

Please consult the API errata for more detailed information on what these APIs are and what impact these changes may have.