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host, who is in the midst of divorce proceedings with Mariah Carey, and Chilli, whose real name is Rozonda Thomas, were spotted kissing at WDKX's Summerfest Concert in Rochester, New York over the weekend. News the two started "hanging out romantically" earlier this summer.

Cannon was all smiles when asked about Chilli in an exclusive interview with E!

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Update: Apparently this news has been out for a while, according to our friends at The Big Lead. This news is about Larry Johnson and his new squeeze — Chilli from TLC. Chilli also used to date Usher and is older than Kurt Warner. Don’t go spitting “Waterfalls,” Larry, and don’t expect any TLC from Chiefs fans after the “Creep” you’ve been.

No, not the unsurprising news that Clancy Pendergast is now officially our defensive coordinator or the that we have signed another camp body. is now the second Chief to be romantically involved with a member of the group, as Andre Rison and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes used to be an item back in the day.

Jeff, meanwhile, has to choose between Jessica, who runs a humanitarian organization, and Giulini, whose name sounds like a fruity cocktail and who loves fitness. Surprise, surprise, Brian is the Luckily, Patti knew this would happen, so she had Felix on hand all along to step in as a replacement! Jeff gives Giulini special eye blacks with hearts on them (romantic?! To cap things off, Patti follows up with Chilli and Jeff after their dates. As for Jeff, he enjoyed the date, but it turns out Giulini doesn’t want a second date with him. Overall, this episode accomplished nothing except informing me that TLC is still active.

Jeff is super boring, Patti’s getting frustrated because he’s so passive. ), and the kids say it means he has a crush on her. Though Chilli doesn’t really have feelings for Felix, Patti says it’s okay, because at least she’s more committed to dating now, and willing to open up. Speaking of which, anyone want to check out one of their concerts?

""That is definitely my friend, someone I care dearly for," he said.