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I would start the program, but then by the time I'd be done, I wouldn't be in office anymore.

He began acting at the age of 11, getting the lead role in the award winning short film entitled Chasing Daylight. After Complete Savages was cancelled, he starred in the film Saving Shiloh as Marty Preston, in the Disney Channel Original Movie Read it and Weep as Connor Kennedy and in the film The Air I Breathe as the younger form of the Pleasure character (Brendan Fraser).

I don't think there's any change that I know how to make that would take only a day.

You know, I would go for fixing world hunger or world peace, but that takes more than one day.

He was then cast by director Mel Gibson to be 13-year-old T. In 2006, Dolley appeared in Duracell's commercial "Trusted Everywhere" Campaign "Amazon".