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However, despite the statistics, Stanger recalls the early days of series when Bravo's , questioned if viewers would ever believe you could actually find love on TV."You had ' Blind Date' and then it went away pretty much the year I came on, and then ' The Bachelor' obviously paved the way for us. But there weren't any other shows on the air, and no one really took it seriously," Stanger admits, adding that her show has now acquired famous fans to the likes of .

"It is a very different concept to have an expert matchmaker talk to singles about what they're looking for in a partner and handpick the ideal mate.

She may be clinically insane, but if she founded a cult, I would probably join it.

Amita (Model G1rl11) — Alex’s date Now this is a “high class babe.” Amita’s favorite sport is football and she likes to party — if you weren’t already convinced that she was Alex’s feminine ideal, consider that she actually enjoyed his inevitable assault on her butt.

" Stanger sees no end in site, as she hits 100 episodes at Bravo."I think we need some more love shows on the air.