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It's amazing the way that technology has truly been the deciding factor when it comes to the aesthetics of porno.Nowadays, porn has got the stain of the internet all over it: it brings with it a tinge of computer-screen radiation, an insane amount of procrastination-guilt, and the taste of multifarious and multi-media conquest (i.e., having three or four clips playing at the same time and having a wank to all of them simultaneously.

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Mark: So you think the opinion that 70's porn music is the "peak" of the genre is a myth? Although, 70's porn music isn't a failure because it's bad.

All aspects of porn, from the faked orgasms to the terrifically sub-literate scripts in pornography have always been "bad." 70's porn music fails because it doesn't match the visual tatteredness of its movies.

" Walker, the rise of DDT, black power, Reggie Jackson, leisure suits, feminism, and the quiet rise of the corporate Reich. Porn-disco failed to ironicize -- or even complement -- what were at that time the first fledgling acts of public copulation that we had been forced to deal with on a grand scale in quite some time. 80's soundtracks actually speak to the visceral experience of masturbation itself: it's like the dull, throbbing death-beat of your heart in your head as you forsake real life and real partners for yet another unhealthy, scared wank.